How to 10X Your Productivity Without Feeling Like a Robot

Strategies to reduce overwhelm, accomplish your goals faster and still have a life

Let me ask you a question.

“Have you accomplished everything you thought you’d accomplish by now?”

If so, congrats!

But I’m willing to bet that you are like most people who have this nagging feeling inside them that they were destined to do more, to be more.

You may start out with the best of intentions. You daydream, you set goals, you try to figure things out.

Maybe you start to make a little bit of progress but then hit a stumbling block that throws you off track.

Or you get distracted with a never ending to-do-list but when you look up, despite being incredibly busy, you feel like you’ve made little actual progress.

It’s like riding a stationary bike – you can peddle all day but not actually move an inch.

Well – I’m here to tell you that none of this is your fault!

In fact, I’d say it would be a miracle if you actually had this all figured out.

We are all taught to write to-do lists, but we are never taught actual productivity.

There is a huge difference between being productive versus being “busy.”

Being productive means taking massive action on the key things that will move your life forward in the direction you want. It means maintaining focus and clarity. It means saying “No” more often.

But since we aren’t ever taught this in any school, we mistake being “busy” with our endless to-do-lists with the often simpler, yet more powerful productivity mindset. As a result, we don’t achieve all the things we’d like to even with the best of intentions.

Well, there’s a solution now: it’s called “How to 10X Your Productivity Without Becoming a Robot” and its my newest master class training helping you conquer productivity in your life.

This training will help you:

  • Learn the secrets to “Binary Thinking” and how to leverage it to get more done
  • How your answers to “The Big Ugly Questions” may be sabotaging you without even knowing it
  • The 6 different parts of feeling paralyzed with overwhelm and what to do about each one so it never happens to you
  • How to look at “discipline” differently and let it become your superpower (even if you are like me and HATE the word “discipline”)
  • The 3 types of days you can have (hint: only one will propel you forward and the other 2 should be avoided at all costs)
  • Free up at least 7hrs a week you are probably “wasting” without even realizing it

Your Instructor

Lindsey Vestal
Lindsey Vestal

Hi, I’m Lindsey Vestal, founder of the first in-home pelvic floor practice in New York City run by an Occupational Therapist.

But I’m more than just a business owner: I’m also a fully present mother to two kids under age 10 and a wife. Did I mention I also want to have time to workout, to read, to travel, to spend quality time with my friends and just be by myself sometimes to recharge?

Honestly, I’ve struggled with prioritizing all the different aspects of my life and it would cause an amazing amount of stress. How do you build a successful business while being class parent, volunteering on school trips, creating online courses, maintaining a newsletter read by thousands, and making time for date night with the hubby?

For a long time I was just controlled by a never ending to do list. I marked tons of things out on my to-do list (as a former technical writer I LOVE crossing out a to-do list).

But I noticed something continuously happening.

Instead of crossing out to-do items leading to more free time, to a more simplified life, to less stress, those same items just got replaced with more to-do items and the cycle would repeat itself.

I felt like a hamster on a wheel.

I operated like this on autopilot for a number of years.

Until I found myself in the emergency room with my leg swollen 3 times too large with an infection called cellulitis. Cellulitis is pretty common, especially if you’ve had your immune system weakened. Given my age and risk factors, the only likely culprit was stress.

During the healing process, I really had to take a hard look at my life. What were the ways I could still maintain my goals but reduce the stress? Was the way I was operating really serving me in the long run or was there a better way? Was there something I was missing?

I knew that if I wanted things to change, then I had to change.

The problem wasn’t that the goals and ambitions I had were too high. What I found was that a lot of ambitious people have even bigger goals!

And yet they are somehow able to make things work without sacrificing at the alter of endless stress and no balance.

They say success leaves clues. So I started studying some of the most successful and productive people I could find. What were they doing differently than me?

And from this study became a set of productivity shifts I started to implement. It was hard in the beginning but over time I started to see a measurable difference in my quality of life.

My business started to make more money. I had more time to volunteer at my kid’s school. I was able to work out more and my hubby and I went on even more dates. Balance started to re-appear without sacrificing any of my dreams.

I’ve packaged the best advice I’ve been following into this master class training. I think you will find the information impactful to your life. That’s why I’m backing this up with a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If this doesn’t help you make huge strides in your goals, then I will gladly refund your money. I’ll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings

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